Hungarian Cookbook

Hungarian Cookbook is the first volume in English language published by Boook Publishing. Developed from the Publisher's first book, the highly successful 'Hungarian Cuisine Today' by Tamás Bereznay, this book lists all the favourite Hungarian dishes of locals and foreigners alike - from 'tojásos nokedli' to 'halászlé', 'hortobágyi palacsinta' to 'lángos'. Hungarian Cookbook is a modern, elegant cookbook - an ideal gift for any expat living in Hungary, and any friend or business partner living abroad.

Recipes: Tamás Bereznay

Food photography: Imre Körmendi

Photography: Dániel Végel

Translation: Katalin Bódog

Boook Kiadó, 2012

224 pages, 185 × 250 mm, hardcover with envelope